This is my current portfolio, a gallery slideshow with descriptions of each piece can be displayed by clicking on the first thumbnail image at the top. Feel free to comment and contact me to discuss your project idea’s and other opportunities.


Clasped Heart Project

This is a recent piece that I thought of from a moment of inspiration while laying awake. The purpose of the concept was clear from the beginning as a heart transplant, organ donor, or heart disease prevention and awareness piece. I had originally filled-in the swirly interior details with several colors but the larger concept of a pair of clasped hands in the shape of an anatomically correct heart began to get lost on people, so I instead opted to leave the swirls unfilled and therefore relegate them to their rightful place as a decorative detail within the larger composition. The colors then help to accentuate the various parts of the heart and are dominantly colored various shades of purple to borrow the symbolism of bravery and selflessness that the color represents within this context.

Adset for Themis Media’s Escapist Store

This is a new 10 piece adset promoting Escapist Magazines imp hoodie, which is an online gaming magazine and community that I intern for. When I was assigned this project I went to the product page on their website and noticed right away that the model images would fit perfectly in a crest. I then formed a rough sketch of the crest composition and worked out a list of elements to include that were relevant to the escapist brand. Lastly, I browsed kuler.adobe.com and used illustrator’s edit colors window to experiment with color schemes. I’m told this was the most successful merch ad in daily click-throughs, including 3rd party retailers, that they’ve ever launched.