Rocksmith Basic Guitar Chords Charts

O.k, I got Rocksmith for Christmas and since I always wanted to learn to play guitar I’ve been hooked the past couple of days. Although, as a result, my fingers are raw and I couldn’t really play today, so instead I created some Rocksmith themed guitar chord charts. As I progress or if I get requests, I’ll create more charts.

Note: All finger positions begin on the 1st fret unless otherwise noted.


About Brandon Meyer

I have worked as a web and graphic designer and was originally a design major before deciding to transfer to anthropology with the goal of advancing to Design Anthropology. I am now moving on into my Master's in Design anthropology in the pioneering program at the University of North Texas. Even before discovering the promising field of Design Anthropology, I viewed anthropology as an avenue for design inspiration through a deeper dive into peoples lived experiences within the cultural melting pot. However, my foray into anthropology broadened my perspective and inevitably presented challenges to popular conceptions of representation, innovation, and progress. Design Anthropology is a new field between anthropology and design that has culminated from decades of collaboration in design and HCI, including participatory design, CSCW, ubiquitous computing, UX and user-centred design. Drawing from participatory- speculative- and critical-design, DA reimagines human-centred design by situating and critically engaging design concept and process with everyday life as both a resource for and outcome of design. While traditional ethnographic research continues to play a role, Design Anthropologists conduct speculative fieldwork both of, and within, codesign events as a new line of inquiry into "the possible". Exploring emerging practices, meaning-making, and assemblages as matters of concern in moments of change and innovation as well as the codesign events themselves as collaborative, generative activities. My approach therefore is not as an anthropologist working in the field of design, but to practice Design Anthropology as an emerging field within design. Following the dictum of Design Anthropology that design is not merely a final, prescribed, solution to straightforward problems, but is a temporally and socially embedded arena that inhabits a wide range of perspectives of lived experiences where practices of use are continuously improvised and recontextualized.

6 responses to “Rocksmith Basic Guitar Chords Charts

  1. These are awesome! Thank you. Have you done any more? I wish the more complicated chords were mapped to the songs so you could work on finger position prior to losing a note streak during the game.

  2. guestStar

    Agreed ^ this is a great. Keep em comin!

  3. Yeh there are some great learn guitar programs out there now. Haven’t tried rocksmith but have used Guitar Tricks. Great Charts for beginners. Keep growing your site.

  4. TwoShay

    If these were left-handed, I’d purchase them!!

  5. Dave

    Thank you so much! These are very helpful. I wish you would make more charts. Happy new year!

  6. These charts are great. Wish I had a complete book of these. I too would buy them.

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