Rocksmith Basic Guitar Chords Charts

O.k, I got Rocksmith for Christmas and since I always wanted to learn to play guitar I’ve been hooked the past couple of days. Although, as a result, my fingers are raw and I couldn’t really play today, so instead I created some Rocksmith themed guitar chord charts. As I progress or if I get requests, I’ll create more charts.

Note: All finger positions begin on the 1st fret unless otherwise noted.


6 responses to “Rocksmith Basic Guitar Chords Charts

  1. These are awesome! Thank you. Have you done any more? I wish the more complicated chords were mapped to the songs so you could work on finger position prior to losing a note streak during the game.

  2. guestStar

    Agreed ^ this is a great. Keep em comin!

  3. Yeh there are some great learn guitar programs out there now. Haven’t tried rocksmith but have used Guitar Tricks. Great Charts for beginners. Keep growing your site.

  4. TwoShay

    If these were left-handed, I’d purchase them!!

  5. Dave

    Thank you so much! These are very helpful. I wish you would make more charts. Happy new year!

  6. These charts are great. Wish I had a complete book of these. I too would buy them.

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